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During the last years shopping online became so natural, that everyone developed a routine, favorite platforms or even subscription services to get frequently used product automatically.

And over the years the big players like Amazon and EBAY developed new ways to make shopping easier with one-stop-shop-accounts and easy payment options. But the smaller online stores (the digital equivalent of the local mom-and-pop shop) are keeping up to offer you a secure and convenient way to order online.


check out faster the next time you visit or any participating Shopify store


Now you can use your shipping and payment details securely in more than 350.000 online stores powered by Shopify.

You can save your credit card, shipping & billing information so you can check out faster the next time you visit our or any participating Shopify store. This can save you time during your next check out, especially if you’ve already opted in to Shopify Pay on a different Shopify store.

Your shipping and billing information is securely stored on Shopify’s PCI compliant servers and is only shared with us once an order is placed. If you have questions about how Shopify Pay works, or how your data is stored, then please check out Shopify Pay FAQ page here. We wrote down some facts for you so you can save even more time.


SET UP: It is easy! During your next checkout (in a store which does not require an account to be set up) you simply click “save my information” and enter your mobile phone number.

NEXT TIME: As soon as you enter your email address you used for the set-up and the system recognizes it, you receive a text message with a code to authorize your purchase. Then just review your purchase and the billing and shipping data and you are done. (which means only you can authorize that purchase because only your phone gets the code)

OPTING OUT: Of course you always have the option to opt-out of this service at any time, just go to this site and scroll to the bottom, enter your email address you used to set it up and all your saved information will be deleted. It is that easy. WHO HAS YOUR DATA: This payment service is offered by Shopify and not If you have any questions or concerns, please check this page and/or contact Shopify here.

ARE you using Shopify Pay already. Let us know what you think here:

Stay safe! - Parts for the car enthusiast

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