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Mini R56 JCW Spoiler - How we went from an idea to the finished product

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Spring is in full swing and we promised you some behind the scenes and new products. This month we want to show you what it took to design and create the new Mini Spoiler for Mini R56. But thats not all, because we have not one but 2 new spoilers available for the Mini enthusiast; we will explain what they are and where they fit. But First let me introduce myself: I am Alex and I oversaw the design, construction and production of the Mini Spoiler you will read about in just a moment. I work in the car and tuning industry since over 18 years in different places but mostly in Europe and the US. The tuning scenes are in some points very different and similar in others. I lived through various stages of tuning and counted a lot of cars my own. At the moment I drive a Mini R56 JCW myself  and also call a BMW Z4 M Coupe my own. The main reason I am so excited about the new rear wing spoiler is, that I get to use it for my own car. But enough about me. Let me show you how we got from the idea to the finished product:




It all started with the realization that there is no spoiler out there which fits well and is of good quality. We were looking to expand our Mini portfolio and ordered a spoiler similar to the one we created later BUT it wasn’t even close to fitting. Not only was the shape off but there was no way to attach it to the rear wing without destroying it. After another couple days of searching we came up with no other option then to plan our very own spoiler. I went to souther California and met with a designer and an engineer and we got the project started. We made some rough sketch to outline where we wanna go with it and then ordered a brand new Mini R56 base rear wing. Our engineer then started to scan the spoiler in order to get the measurements and ensure the new spoiler will fit like a glove. As soon as we had the 3D scan of the base, the technical drawing went to our designer and he started from scratch the process of creating a first design.




After a lot of meetings and adjustments we got the first prototype 3D printed in California and I took it back to Germany where we consulted with some mechanics and more engineers to find all the flaws. With the corrections listed we forwarded them back to our designer and engineer in California and they adjusted the blueprint. A few more weeks of back and forth, a few more prototypes and finally we were able to send the final technical drawing to a company who printed the last prototype in 3D which then was sent back to Germany.



Finally we held the almost finished spoiler in our hands but it was still a long way to get the spoiler to the level of showing it to you. We already started searching for a company which was able to manufacture a small amount -this is a LIMITED EDITION of 100 pieces- in a quality we are proud to sell. We found a company which is specialized in  silicone molding for producing mainly brailler, braille printer and a lot more amazing products for people with vision impairment. You might think how does such a company and tuning go together, but we wanted to get the best results and those engineers and workers are the most dedicated and precise professionals we ever worked with. After a couple of meetings and negotiations the production of the first 25 spoilers started and it exceeded our expectations.




Next we wanted to make sure that our spoilers engraved and a simple coating of black paint. After a couple more trial and error we finally held our first finished Mini R56 spoiler in our hands and it goes without saying that I bought one right away to put it on my Mini which became the ‘model’ to show of our latest product.


Mini R56 JCW Spoiler


And here is another new spoiler set for Mini F55 and F56 we offer:   


Mini F55 F56 Spoiler

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