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WURTH Power Mounting Tape 10m x19mm

  • $ 18.95

10 Meter WURTH Double Sided High Performance Mounting Tape

  • Reserved for industrial and professional use only!!!
  • Heavy duty!
  • Highly elastic
  • Non-corrosive
  • 10m wide - 19mm width / 32.81ft - 0.75"
  • 1.2mm thick / 0.05"
  • Holds 6Kg per meter / 13.2lbs per yard
  • Extremely adhesive!
  • Shock and vibration resistant!
  • Connects and seals
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Wurth Part No. 0894909002
  • Imported from Germany!!!
  • For Cars, Bikes, Boats, Quads, ATVs, etc.

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Gluing instead of welding, drilling or riveting.
Extremely adhesive, double sided tape for indoor and outdoor use.
Thanks to its extremely high and durable adhesive strength it holds 6Kg per running meter (13.2lb/yard).

For adhesive bonding of an extremely broad range of materials, such as glass, untreated (bare) steel, untreated (bare) aluminum, untreated wood, concrete, ABS, hard PVC and PIMMA.

This is pretty much the best adhesive mounting tape in todays market.

Automotive / cargo:
Sensors, adhesion of cover panels of all types, e.g. reflectors, mirror glass, decorative mouldings, headliners, bumpers ect.

Metal / building services:
Bonding cable ducts, mounting signs, glass elements, grab handles, metal trim and base plates for doors, lifts and plastic parts for neon advertising, dome lights, conservatories etc.

Mirror, brackets, decorative elements, dispenser systems etc.

Wood / construction:
Metal profiles in facade construction, glass and plastic parts for dome lights and conservatories, window and door bars etc.

Invisible connections possible:
Optimal design without troublesome holes, screws, rivets, etc.
Material is not weakened by bores etc.

2 in 1 - connects and seals in a single step:
No rusting
Dampens vibration noises

Very good moisture resistance:
Can be used outdoors or in wet areas!

For Automotive use:
Outstanding adhesive strength on a wide range of materials and surfaces

Highly elastic:
Can be used for connecting same and different materials
Slight compensation of different material expansions

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