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WURTH Exhaust System Fitting Paste

  • $ 17.95

Genuine Wurth Exhaust Assembly Past

  • Reserved for industrial and professional use only!!!
  • No welding necessary!
  • Paste becomes metal hard with exhaust heat!
  • Temperature resistant up to approx. 700C / 1292F!
  • Seals permanently!
  • Shock and vibration resistant!
  • Causes no corrosion in joints!
  • 1 tube of 4.94Oz / 140g
  • Wurth Part No. 0890100045
  • Imported From Germany!!!
  • For Cars, Bikes, Boats, Quads, ATVs, etc.

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Fast, simple and absolutely gas-tight assembly of exhaust socket and flange joints.

This is pretty much the best soft paste for fast, easy and totally gas tight sealing of flanges and sleeve fittings in the exhaust system.
Suitable for fitting collars, pipe inserts and flanged connections in the exhaust system.
Makes a durable, gas-tight seal. Heat of the exhaust hardens it to metallic strength.
Not sensitive to shock or vibration. Temperature resistant to +700C / +1292F.

Remove loose rust from metal. Apply generously to the connection and fit immediately.
Allow engine to run on tickover for a few minutes. That's it...

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