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VW MK2 German Handmade Hood Cover Bra

  • $ 74.95

Bra with German DEKRA - E certificate and harmlessness certification.

  • Best Bra On The Market

  • Original German Workmanship

  • E certificate

  • Made In Germany
  • Easy and Fast Installed


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VW Golf MK2 (models 1985-1992)
VW Jetta MK2 (models 1985-1992)

To protect the car from rocks, road salt, insects, tar, as well as small…

We produce the highest quality Bras that money can buy. That means the best workmanship and fit, resistance to speeds, the safest archerage,and year-round use on the car. Our Bras lie completely crease and wrinkle-free on the auto body and provide the best possible protection for the finish. We use the original VW Vinyl-artificial leather, as is also used in today’s Touareg, as well as specially developed straps, which prevent the Bra from sliding or moving.

Our Bras come in one part, so that the hood may easily be opened, just as it was built to be. (Cannot be stolen!!)

Through high speed and also paintwork tests, our “Made in Germany” products are of highest quality.

Since the masks are made of the highest quality materials, they are only available in the color black.

The goods will be sent with DEKRA - DOT - E Certificate and assembly instructions.

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