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Universal Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Exhaust Flex Pipe

  • $ 27.95

Made in Germany - Universal Flex Pipe

  • Highest Quality 

  • Solid Stainless Steal

  • Best Aftermarket Part Available

  • Weld or Bolt On

  • Universal Fit

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This brand new universal stainless steal, doubled braided flex pipe covers a very wide range of sizes to fit most US, Asian and European cars in the market. It is Made In Germany from the best materials and with the highest standard of manufacturing.

Please enlarge images and compare the sizes to see if it fits your needs:

Flex Material:
 2 1/16" Long (=52mm)

Length and Inner Diameter (Ø ID):
8 1/4" long x 1 3/4" Ø ID (=210mm long x 45mm Ø ID)

This a OEM Quality Replacement part!

What is a Flex Pipe?

A flex pipe, also sometimes known as a flex coupling, is a section of bellowed steel that is designed to absorb vibrations from the engine and from the motion of the vehicle, which prevents other components from being broken or cracked.
Some parts of the exhaust system such as exhaust manifolds, (which are often made of cast iron) are brittle and easily break. Flex pipes prevent these components from being exposed to excessive stress.

How to use this flex pipe.

Measure the inner diameter (ID) of your exhaust pipe where you will be installing the flex pipe. Then, measure the length of the flex pipe that you are replacing. Our flex pipes come with universal extensions already welded on to the flex. Extensions give you the option to expand the pipe size, if needed. Extensions allow for easier installation in some situations, and also allow for clamping. However, we always recommend welding to ensure a proper seal. If your application requires a flex pipe next to an exhaust flange, DO NOT weld the flex pipe directly to the flange. Instead, weld it to exhaust pipe and weld the pipe to the flange. Flex pipes are NOT intended to replace bends such as those found in tailpipes. Flex pipes are NOT intended to be installed near the engine as it will cause it to overheat. Such use is likely to damage the flex.

Original Euro Flex Pipes.

Flex pipes can be made from a variety of different materials and can also differ in their construction techniques. Some companies use ordinary steel and/or may use aluminized steel (ordinary steel with an aluminum-based coating) which can rust and corrode. These materials typically do not last very long compared to stainless steel. Additionally, many competitors will crimp the fittings together, which allows water to become trapped in the crimped joint, encouraging corrosion. Some flex bellows are formed as a continuous helix, which can create exhaust turbulence and, in general, indicates that poor construction techniques are used. Competitors also have a loose braid pattern on the outer and inner coverings, which allows the flex to stretch too far, causing premature failure. 

We do not compromise on our flex pipes! Not only are they lined with stainless steel, corrugated flexible tubing, but also have inner and outer stainless steel braiding for added protection against rust. The double braid pattern is tightly woven to make them extra strong and heavy duty, as we believe that you want the best product for your money and that is why we do not offer second rate quality products.

All parts and products we sell are NOT OEM but replacement/repair parts, if not otherwise stated. All products and parts we sell are intended for repair and/or show only.

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