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JOM Mini MK1 & MK2 Euro Coilover Kit

  • $ 379.90

JOM Coilover Suspension Kit

  • Wide Range Of Height Adjustment

  • Perfect Fit

  • From JOM Germany

  • European TÜV Certificate

  • Height Adjustable Front & Rear

  • Galvanized Steel Housing

  • Includes Spanner Wrenches

  • New Bump Stops & Dust Boots Included

  • New Drop Links Included

  • EPS Powder Coated Springs

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Brand New & Complete Coilover Kit.

Height adjustable while installed, there is no need to remove the suspension from the car to adjust the height of the car.

Fits the following models:

MK1 Mini Hatchback R50 (2002-2006)
MK1 Mini Cabrio R52 (2004-2008)
MK1 Mini Cooper S R53 (2002-2006)

MK2 Mini Clubman R55 (2007-2014)
MK2 Mini Hatchback R56 (2006-2014)
MK2 Mini Cabrio R57 (2009-2016)
MK2 Mini Coupe R58 (2010-2016)
MK2 Mini Roadster R59 (2011-2016)

Please understand: For MK2 facelift models the drop links in this kit may be to short if you want to lower your Mini more than 40mm / 1.57".

Lowering Range:
20mm-90mm / 0.8"-3.54"
For all vehicles stated in this offer:
front axle lowering below 40mm / 1.57" requires different drop links which are included in this kit (won't work for MK2 facelift models).

Axle Load:
Front: 935 Kg / 2061 lbs
Rear: 855 Kg / 1885 lbs

CNC wound SAE 9254 racing springs were found to be the longest lasting spring on the market that showed no tendencies to sag or weakness.
Spring and damper rates that focus on exceptional handling characteristics and great drivability are used.
The results are outstanding ride quality and unmatched razor sharp handling.

Is it for daily use in street traffic or for professional car shows, there is always the right amount of ground clearance with the high quality coilover suspension kits from JOM.
Not only can the JOM coilovers be individually adjusted to suit a very wide variety of different driving conditions, the adjusted height can also be changed at any time.
Things get really close to the ground? – There is always sufficient suspension room remaining even at the lowest settings with JOM adjustable coilover kits.
Thanks to a high quality shock absorption system, you do not lose any contact to the road. You are always on the right track with the popular Street coilover suspension kits from JOM.

So whether you are looking for a great track set up or you just need a suspension that easily adapts to public roads, that's your kit.
Designed and manufactured for people demanding the very best value!

This is a complete coilover kit to fit the vehicles listed in this offer, it is the perfect setup for people looking for the best value.
Providing your ride not just with an outstanding appearance but also with razor sharp handling when installed.
All JOM coilover kits come with a 2 year warranty and are TÜV approved for safety of all it's components.

Please be aware the full lowering range stated in this offer is not covered by the TÜV certified range!
All coilovers can be adjusted within and beyond the TÜV certified range. The adjustable range is larger as stated in the TÜV certificate.
In case the coilovers are adjusted outside the TÜV certified range they will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty!!!

Professional installation is highly recommended. Instructions are not included!

All parts and products we sell are NOT OEM but replacement/repair parts, if not otherwise stated. All products and parts we sell are intended for repair and/or show only.

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