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BMW E36 6-Cylinder Aluminum Strut Bar

  • $ 67.95

BMW Euro Sport Front / Up - Strut Bar

  • High Quality

  • Perfect Fit

  • Easy And Fast To Install

  • Polished Surface

  • Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium


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Back to the roots!

Brand New & Complete the chrome polished stress brace for:

BMW E36 3 Series 6 Cylinder models 92-99
(NOT M3 / M50 + M52 engine / xi 4-wheel drive / diesel)

Depending on the engine type Traction Control might in the way and needs to be modified!

The strut is made of light weight aluminium with high chrome finish surface for additional front axle-stabilizer.


Partly adjustable according to the way of driving and tuning.

This strut bar gives your car an unmistakably authentic race appearance and razor sharp handling.

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