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Mirror Glass Set A3 8L LCI Pre-Facelift (Big)

  • $ 43.95

European Safety Mirror Glasses For Audi A3 A4 A6 A8

  • High Quality Euro Mirror Glasses

  • Dimensions: 172mm x 100mm / 6 3/4"

  • Complete Real Replacement Set (Left & Right Side)

  • Installation Plug & Play

  • Tinted Blue + Powered + Heated

  • Anti-Blind Spot - Never miss things right next to you!

  • Convex - Aspherical

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Give your car an upgrade.

Brand New & Complete the Euro Safety Mirror Glasses set.

For Audi A3 / 8L (Pre-Facelift 01/1996-08/2000)
For Audi A4 / 8D/B5 (Pre-Facelift 01/1995-05/1999)
For Audi A6 / 4A/C4 (models 07/1994-10/1997)
For Audi A6 / 4B/C5 (Pre-Facelift 04/1997-09/1999)
For Audi A8 / 4D (Models 03/1994-01/1999)

(Heat Connections are placed at road side, NOT VEHICLE SIDE.).

For power and manual as well as heated and non heated mirrors.
Please compare measurements of your stock mirror glasses with the measurements in the offer!

Easy installed by anybody without any modifications to the car or the mirrors.

All parts and products we sell are NOT OEM but replacement/repair parts, if not otherwise stated. All products and parts we sell are intended for repair and/or show only.

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