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2pcs Matching Set ORIGINAL German License Plate MINT

  • $ 26.95

2 pcs matching plates with the same characters for front + rear!

100% PREMIUM Real Driven Authentic German License Plates
  • 100% Original

  • 100% Driven In Germany

  • 100% PREMIUM Euro Plate

  • Hand Picked + Cleaned

  • Like NEW Condition

  • Easy And Fast To Install

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Rare and hard to get.

The authentic 100% euro license plate.

This offer is for 2 pcs matching PREMIUM plates with the same characters for front + rear!

Our PREMIUM Euro Plates are 100% driven in Germany, they are real authentic license plates in almost perfect conditions. Hand Picked from thousands of plates and Cleaned to look like NEW ones!!!

They fit almost every car and give your ride an unmistakably real German appearance.
No body works necessary.

It's a must have for every euro enthusiast!
Please also see our other offers for used license plate frames.

Since we have a very wide and daily changing range of plates we are not able to send you a specific wanted plate.
Also please keep in mind that all plates were driven in Germany.

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