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VW MK3 Bumper Turn Signal Installation Guide - Instruction

 It is quiet easy to install the euro version of those MK3 turn signals to US bumpers, but as stated in our offers some small modifications are required in order to make it work.

You need to use pliers and adjust the metal band in order to click it in to the bumper. First, it is important that you install everything at room temperature (cold temperatures make materials more brittle - the parts and the bumper), we recommend at least 65 degrees. The turn signals have metal clasps which you need to adjust with pliers in order to install them (they do not fit right away, they have to fit firm but not with pressure).


Michał Grosicki


You may need to remove 2 prongs from your stock bulb holder so you can use it with the lights. The modification only takes 5 minutes. In general, if you are not sure, consult a professional.