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Mercedes Benz W202 W210 Facelift LED License Plate Lights

  • $ 23.95


LED License Plate Lights


  • High Quality Euro LED Modules

  • Perfect Fit - Plug and Play
  • Error Free OBD

  • 50000 MCD Ultra-White

  • 7000 Kelvin

  • Set Of 2 Modules 18 LED's


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These lamps give your car an unmistakably new generation appearance.

Made by newest technology to support the electronic components of your car, ERROR FREE! Unlike others our lights run at low temperature to prevent any damage and over heat.

Just replace your standart license plate lights with these new LED modules, no modifications required!
The LED Ultra-White modules offer great and pure light to your license plate.

Fits the following Mercedes Benz models: 

W202 C-Class Sedan Facelift (NOT Wagon/Estate) 98-01
W210 E-Class
Sedan Facelift (NOT Wagon/Estate) 99-02

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