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BMW Black Clear LED Fender Turn Signals

  • $ 23.95

BMW LED Turn Signals

  • High Quality Euro Lights

  • Amber Color LED Light Band

  • Fast & Easy Installed

  • Plug and Play


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The amber color lamps give your car an unmistakably authentic European sport appearance.

These lights fit the following models using T10 bulb connector:

BMW E82 Coupe (1
Series 08-13, NOT 1M)
BMW E88 Cabriolet (1
Series 08-13)

BMW E46 Sedan (3 Series Facelift 02-05)
BMW E46 Wagon (3 Series Facelift 02-05)

BMW E90 Sedan (3
Series 06-11, NOT M3)
BMW E91 Wagon (3
Series 06-12)
BMW E92 Coupe (3
Series 07- 12, NOT M3)
BMW E93 Cabriolet (3
Series 07- 12, NOT M3)

BMW E60 Sedan (5
Series 04-10)
BMW E61 Wagon (5
Series 04-10)

BMW E83 (X3 Series 04-10)
BMW E84 (X1 Series 13-15)

Easy installed by anybody.

These turn signals are clear plastic. 
They are real EURO lights and show the E-Mark.

All parts and products we sell are NOT OEM but replacement/repair parts, if not otherwise stated. All products and parts we sell are intended for repair and/or show only.

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